We offer our services in multiple ways to accommodate different situations.

Options. Everybody Likes Options.

Whether you are a facilities maintenance manager, part of a plant engineering team, project manager, or general contractor, you encounter many different scenarios and challenges in needing to get projects completed correctly, on budget, and in a timely manner. We offer our services in four different ways to help accommodate the different situations typically encountered.

Lump Sum Pricing

You have a detailed scope of work that everyone can bid, “apples to apples” on.

We bid on your project per the scope given, receive a PO#, complete the work, and send our invoice.

Changes to scope after the work has been awarded can be completed as time & material, not-to-exceed, or quoted as lump sum.

Not-to-Exceed Pricing

You have a, “general” scope of work of a project that will be fluid in nature, or not have all of the specifics, or have other unknowns and still need a quoted number.

We will bid per the scope given (knowns), include realistic assumptions (unknowns), receive a PO#, complete the work as time & material, send our *billing back up along with our invoice. We more times than not send our invoice below the PO amount given.

Time and Material

Once service has been requested, we send you a service request confirmation, complete the requested work, send you our

*billing back up in exchange for a PO# (if needed) that we can invoice against.

We send our invoice as soon as we receive a PO#.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts are presented in the following:

1. You have a monthly budget and use Rapier & Associates as needed. These agreements are for a month at a time. If the budget is met before the end of the month then work ceases until the next month when a new purchase order is issued. Essentially a (NTE) Not to Exceed.

2. Extended agreements (typically 6 months or more) are at discounted rates and are billed at monthly lump sum amounts.
*Billing Back Up: Included in our billing back up is our time sheets with work descriptions, material, rental, sub-contractor costs shown with mark-up.

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